Accessing Narcotic Treatment Programs

Kaiser Permanente

Marin Treatment Center is a preferred provider for Kaiser Permanente and is contracted to provide both Detoxification and long term Narcotic Treatment Programs.  Our contract covers both employer sponsored and individual plans. If you are interested in using your Kaiser Insurance to cover the cost of treatment, please contact us at 415-457-3755 for a confidential consultation.  Our Admissions staff can answer your questions and check your insurance to determine what insurance coverage, annual deductibles, and determine if any co-payments may apply to your treatment.

Pre-authorization is required by Kaiser to access treatment. Our admissions staff can help guide you through Kaiser’s authorization processes so you can receive prompt medical care.

Blue Cross of California (Anthem Blue Cross)

Marin Treatment Center is currently finalizing its contract with Blue Cross of California (Anthem Health) and we expect to be part of the Blue Cross network soon.

Medi-Cal Insurance

Marin Treatment Center has been a certified Medi-Cal provider for many years and we accept most Medi-Cal insurance plans. Medi-Cal will cover the cost of narcotic detoxification and Narcotic Treatment Programs. Our admissions staff can help determine your benefits and any share of costs, if applicable.  In addition, we can determine if you meet the criteria for admission. Please contact us at 415-457-3755 to learn more about our program

Veterans Administration (VA) Insurance

Marin Treatment Center has a working relationship with the Veterans Administration to provide Detoxification, Narcotic Treatment Programming and Suboxone Treatment.  Pre-authorization is required by the Veterans Administration (VA). Please contact our admissions department at 415-457-3755 to learn how to access your VA benefits.

Managed Health Network/Healthnet Insurance

Marin Treatment Center has a limited contract to provide Narcotic Treatment to pregnant women and up to two months of treatment post- partum.  If you are interested in learning how to access your Healthnet Insurance benefits, please contact our Admissions department at 415-457-3755.

Sliding Fee/Subsidized Program

Marin Treatment Center is a contracted provider for the County of Marin. If you are resident of Marin County and are opioid addicted, you may qualify for county assisted Narcotic Treatment Program coverage, and a portion of your fees may be waved. The exact amount of your share of cost is determined by income levels. For more information please contact our admissions department at 415-457-3755. The Sliding Fee/Subsidized Program does not cover the cost of detoxification.

Private Pay/Self Pay

Marin Treatment Program offers cost effective Detoxification and Narcotic Treatment Programs. This payment option is for people who are not residents of Marin County or for those who are not covered by insurance. If you are interested in finding out more about this option, please feel free to contact our admissions staff at 415-457-3755.

*Priority Admissions

MTC complies with all federal, state, Block Grant and county requirements. Admission prioritization is conducted as follows. Marin Treatment Center will give a priority to those with the highest risks and urgent clinical need first. Priority admission is given (in order) to the following populations requesting admission:

  1. Pregnant injecting drug users
  2. Pregnant substance users
  3. Injecting drug users
  4. HIV Positive
  5. All Others

Other urgent clinical needs can be considered for a priority admission when documentation supports the need and upon the approval of the Medical Director/Clinical Director and the Associate Director.

*Marin Treatment Center accepts Mastercard and Visa


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