How to Access Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) at Marin Treatment Center

To Access our Medication Assisted Treatment Programs,  contact us at (415)-457-3755. We recommended that you contact us initially to schedule an appointment, but we do accept walk ins Monday through Fridays during our normal office hours. Our Admissions and Referral Department will first need to verify your health insurance plan to see if your plan will cover your treatment at Marin Treatment Center.

  • We will need a copy of your current health insurance card and some Identifications
  • We will need some basic demographic information from you to begin the admission and Intake processes

Sliding Fee / Grants / Self payment

If you are unable to afford services, our staff will determine which of our grants or subsidized program can work for you. Marin Treatment Center offers a sliding fee scale for those who do not qualify for any of our subsidized programs and we offers affordable self-pay program rates for those who choose to enroll privately.

*We accept Mastercard and Visa credit cards. We do not accept American Express

Assessment and Intake processes

Before we can provide any Medication Assisted Treatment our Admissions and Referral Department will need to assess your condition and needs, and determine substance use history. This is a California Department of Health Care and Federal requirement. If you meet the criteria of one or more of the following categories below, we will give you priority access to Medication Assisted Treatment:

  1. Pregnant IV drug users
  2. Pregnant drug users
  3. IV drug users
  4. HIV Positive

After completing the required assessments, the Medical Director or physician will determine and recommend the appropriate level of care that Marin Treatment Center can offer you. If you meet the medical criteria for admission, the medical staff will complete the medical admission process, that will include: filling out a substance use history questionnaire, checking the national multi-registration database to ensure that no one receives MAT services in multiple programs, meet with the physician for a physical exam and interview, lab certified urine toxicology screening, blood work, an orientation of what is required of the program (Marin Treatment Center’s Patient Handbook), and medication assisted treatment induction. Depending on the complexity of the intake, the process can take between 2-4 hours.

*Monthly counseling is a requirement for all of our Medication Assisted Treatment programs



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