Marin Treatment Center is a certified Medi-Cal contracted provider and Marin County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services’ (BHRS) exclusive Narcotic Treatment Program for Main County residents. Any resident living in Marin County and who has Marin Medi-Cal Insurance is eligible to receive substance use disorder and outpatient mental health therapy at Marin Treatment Center. Our clinic specializes in both Outpatient Opioid Addiction Treatment and Outpatient Mental Health Treatment.

Marin Treatment Center works with all Substance Use Disorder programs within Marin County and a number of programs within the Bay Area, to provide comprehensive Outpatient Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), counseling services referrals and assessments. Some of the local Medi-Cal programs, clinics and agencies we work with include:


  • Marin County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services (BHRS)
  • The Helen Vine Recovery Center (Buckelew Programs)
  • Center Point Recovery
  • Marin Community Clinics
  • Marin Health (Marin General Hospital – Emergency Room)
  • Marin City Health and Wellness
  • Marin County Jail
  • Marin County Public Health
  • Santa Rosa Recovery Program
  • REAP (Redwood Empire Addiction Program)




If you would like to find out more about our programs and services, or if your Medi-Cal benefits are eligible at Marin Treatment Center contact our Admissions and Referral Department at 415-457-3755, or email us using the “contact us” tab on the website. In order for us to check your Medi-Cal insurance you will need to provide us with your Medi-Cal card information, so we can check your benefits.


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